Mn Rando COVID-19 Statement and Plan of Action

To: Minnesota Randonneurs Members and Web Site Users
We are all now very aware of the impact of COVID-19 on our daily lives.  The decisions of local, state and national governmental bodies as well as many corporations over the past week has been remarkable, indicating how serious the need to respond responsibly as citizens and organizations to do our part to be safe personally and to help control and manage this outbreak in our community.
The Minnesota Randonneurs Board of Directors has discussed the impact of our events on the safety of our riders and our responsibility to be good citizens and has decided on the following course of action for our events over the coming weeks and months.
The Half Pancake Ride scheduled this Saturday, March 21st has been cancelled. This is our last event of the month.  If you have already signed up for the Half Pancake and are not a Minnesota Randonneurs member, Unregister yourself before the ride date and you will get a full credit for the next ride you register for.  
The board will meet again in two weeks to assess the current status of the virus and social/health conditions and evaluate the schedule for the month of April, normally our ‘season openers’.  At that point we may postpone some April events, cancel others, or believe we are in a position to resume at least some of the month’s schedule. 
We are also mindful that a number of you are working on R-12/P-12 qualification and will consider this in our planning.
The board will continue to meet regularly to reassess the risks to riders and our social responsibility to those we may come in contact with.
If you have registered for rides in April or later, we recommend you hold on for now and let’s all see what transpires over the coming weeks and months.  Based on the limited information we have at this point, there is reason for optimism once the parameters of this outbreak are better understood.
If you have comments or questions, please respond to this email.
Thank you for your support and patience.