1/2 Pancake

This is a past ride.
Dec 21, 2019

6545 W River Rd, Brooklyn Center, MN

Ride Distance:
Norman Ehrentreich

Join us for the first official tour of the 1/2 Pancake Winter Populaire. The route is somewhat similar to the well known Northern Pancake. It starts at the same location and heads north to East Bethel, the only stop at the turnaround at mile 30. The route is flat and features quiet roads and some lakes.  

Due to new insurance requrements, all riders must be current RUSA members. Please go to www.RUSA.org to sign up.


Starting Location Instructions:

Park on the North end of the TopGolf parking lot, next to the Speedway Gas Station (6545 W River Rd # 1, SW corner of HW252 & 66th Ave N.), the official start and ending location of the Northern Pancake 202k. To get to the parking lot, turn into Camden Ave N. from 66th Ave N.

Winter Riding Recommendations

Even though there won't be any night riding on a 100k, we strongly encourage high-viz clothing and/or strong back lights for increased visibility. The route goes though several forests where shady stretches, especially in winter, could camouflage riders in dark clothes.

Bear in mind that this is a winter ride. The Coon Rapids Dam may be icy and the route also has a short gravel section of about a mile, which is not plowed and will most likely have hard-packed snow or ice. The shady roads in the forests may have icy or snowy patches here and there, so we recommend good winter tires (not necessarily studs). We have less scenic winter adjustments available if riders do not feel comfortable on their current bike setup.

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Current Rider List
Reid Nimz
Rob Welsh
Norman Ehrentreich
Jim Wallace
John Murphy