Ice and Sticks (a.k.a. winter Lakes and Leaves)

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Feb 05, 2022

Caribou Coffee 3044 Excelsior Boulevard #103 Minneapolis, Minnesota 55416

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Keith Morical

Note: The Ride With GPS file has been updated on 1/1/2022. Riders will be notifed of the most up to date file prior to the ride. Other modifications may be made day of to support safer riding conditions.  

A cruise around the western suburbs with frozen lakes and bare trees (instead of autom leaves).

Description of route. Stating next to Lake Bde Maka Ski you will head south to Lake Harriet, west past Interlochen Country Club, and out to some hidden roads on the south shores of Lake Minnetonka. After a control enjoy the soft woods surrounding the roads west to Lake Waconia and climb hills that provide beautiful vistas of Lake Waconia. After a second control you will enter open country and ride north to Watertown the start of a stretch northeast along the Crow River.  A control has been added in Delano for warmth. Then you ride winding road just outside Lake Rebecca Park. The northern most point provides a control and a couple blocks away the historic Hanover Bridge. Then it is south to Baker Park. A pair of east-west rolling roads take you through horse country and hardwood trees. You will then circle back on a different segment of roads around the north side of Lake Minnetonka and back towards the start via Cedar Lake and Lake of the Isles.

All riders must have good to excellent night riding equipment, including:

- strong headlight capable of clearly lighting the road 

- a backup headlight that is strong enough to ride through darkness if your primary fails

- two or more strong taillights capable of being seen from several hundred feet away.

- taillights must be set in steady mode, not flashing

- reflective vest that clearly illuminates your body when light shines on it

- reflective anklets

- strongly recommended a helmet light or other light source to see cue sheets, street signs,


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Rob Welsh
Keith Morical
Norman Ehrentreich
Timothy Donahoe
John Murphy
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