City Slickers

This is a past ride.
May 07, 2022

Dunn Bros, 4648 E Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55406

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Rob Welsh

This is a 125 mile loop of the Twin Cities, starting in Minneapolis.  No matter how well you know the metroplex, this route will give you a different perspective on the wide variety of roads, trails, parks, lakes and rivers in our metropolitan area.  Highlights include:

  • Five crossings of major rivers (Mississippi, St. Croix, Minnesota) including the beautiful Stillwater Bridge
  • Many county and state parks, including Fort Snelling, Theodore Wirth, Big Rivers, Long Lake, Rice Creek, Elm Creek, Mississippi Levee and the Greenway
  • River Road in Afton
  • Trout Brook Road, just over the Wisconsin border near Hudson
  • A few decent hills and some rollers to get your heart rate up but most of the course is pretty mellow
  • And a couple of special spots that you will really enjoy

The route will be on a combination of roads and trails in mostly urban areas.  This is not a course for hammerheads; take your time, enjoy some new parts of the Twin Cities and have a fun day.

A couple of notes to keep in mind:
1  Ride to the ride or park along West River Road in designated areas or in the neighborhood around Dunn Bros Coffee. We are starting early enough that finding a spot should not be a problem  Do not leave any valuables in your car.
2. Get coffees, pastries etc at Dunn Bros. We are using their facilities so this will be appreciated.  The ride will start in the patio area outside of the café.
 3. A great place to have a beer and a meal after the ride is right next door at the Longfellow's Grill, with outdoor seating.


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