Audax UAF Golden Pancake - Night Ride

Jun 18, 2022

6545 W River Rd, Brooklyn Center, MN

Ride Distance:
Norman Ehrentreich

This is our first ever Audax event but we have run a similar kind of ride for several years, the Golden Pancake 200k Night Ride AKA the Northern Pancake.  
An Audax ride is a group event - all riders stay together for the whole distance and the pace (about 14 mph) is maintained by the ride leader.  The emphasis is on the camaraderie and socialization while riding together with riders you may not normally ride with.  More details will be coming, but this will be a popular ride.
The night ride version of our venerable Northern Pancake route.  We typically ride as a group and enjoy the evening/early morning atmosphere, finishing around sunrise or shortly after.
General description for Northern Pancake route
This is a “flat as can be” 202k Permanent/ACP Brevet. It is intended also as a winter permanent brevet with as little climbing as possible (around 700 to 1000 ft, depending on your GPS system). The ride is also for those who want an easy brevet to get started in long distance cycling or to get back into shape. It can still be challenging on a windy day as there are many open farm fields with little wind protection. It is a scenic route with controls in Brooklyn Center - St. Francis - Princeton - Isanti - North Branch - Brooklyn Center.

Starting Location Instructions:

Park on the North end of the TopGolf parking lot, next to the Speedway Gas Station (6545 W River Rd # 1, SW corner of HW252 & 66th Ave N.), the official start and ending location of the Northern Pancake 202k. To get to the parking lot, turn into Camden Ave N. from 66th Ave N.

Winter & Night Riding Requirements

All riders must have good to excellent night riding equipment, including:

- strong headlight capable of clearly lighting the road clearly for the whole night

- a backup headlight that is strong enough to ride through the night if your primary fails

- two or more strong taillights capable of being seen from several hundred feet away.

- taillights must be set in steady mode, not flashing

- reflective vest that clearly illuminates your body when light shines on it

- reflective anklets

- strongly recommended a helmet light or other light source to see cue sheets, street signs,



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Current Rider List
Rob Welsh
Andrew Gifford
Justin Tan
Norman Ehrentreich
John Liden