Mini City Slickers

This is a past ride.
Oct 22, 2022

3800 37th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55406

Ride Distance:
Rob Welsh

***Please note the new starting location***

Dunn Brothers on Lake Street has closed down :( So we are trying a new coffee shop just down the road. They seam to have a nice selection of food and drinks to get us going in the morning and to celebrate upon finishing. There is also the Howe, a bar and restaurant, just up the street, so if folks want someting more substantial that is also an option. There is street parking in the residential streets near by, but as always, we ecourage folks to ride to the ride.

This route is essecially a shorter version of our classic 200k City Slickers and will give you the flavor of the cities in a smaller package. The route is on a combination of roads and trails in mostly urban areas.  This is not a course for hammerheads; take your time, enjoy some new parts of the Twin Cities and have a fun day.



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Current Rider List
Randy Carey
Rob Welsh
Sebastian Frye
John Liden
Keith Morical
Duane Franklund
Timothy Donahoe
Kate Ankofski
Hall Sanders
Andrew Quandt
Scott Kies
Bob Elias