City Slickers 2023 - Flood Version

This is a past ride.
Apr 29, 2023

3800 37th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55406

Ride Distance:
Norman Ehrentreich

This is a 125 mile loop of the Twin Cities, starting in Minneapolis.  No matter how well you know the metroplex, this route will give you a different perspective on the wide variety of roads, trails, parks, lakes and rivers in our metropolitan area.  Highlights include:

  • Five crossings of major rivers (Mississippi, St. Croix, Minnesota) including the beautiful Stillwater Bridge
  • Many county and state parks, including Fort Snelling, Theodore Wirth, Big Rivers, Long Lake, Rice Creek, Elm Creek, Mississippi Levee and the Greenway
  • River Road in Afton
  • Trout Brook Road, just over the Wisconsin border near Hudson
  • A few decent hills and some rollers to get your heart rate up but most of the course is pretty mellow
  • And a couple of special spots that you will really enjoy

The route will be on a combination of roads and trails in mostly urban areas.  This is not a course for hammerheads; take your time, enjoy some new parts of the Twin Cities and have a fun day.


***Flood Updates for our 2023 City Slickers Edition ***

Every few years, we have substantial spring flooding that then affect the April or May editions of the City Slickers ride. The posted gps link is a modified vesion that has 3 major re-routes due to expected flooding:

  • First Detour: When leaving Mendota (around mile 6.5), we'll stay on HW 13 (Great River Road) and do not take the bike down to Lilidale. At mile 9.4 we'll take a right turn and after a few turns, take Butler Ave W over to Kaposia Landing where we'll reunite with the original route.
  • Not in gps file: There may be flooding in Hudson on 1st St. If that's the case, take a parallel street (e.g., HW 35, 3rd st.)  further away from the St. Croix River.
  • Second Detour: The Lift Bridge in Stillwater is closed for traffic, so we have to take the HW64 bridge - which is a beauti in itself as well. It looks like that our usual control options in Stillwater are accessible (the To Go Amoco gas station or the River Market Community Co-op), but the bike path along the St. Croix is market as closed. Those who prefer a gentler climb out of Stillwater please navigate to the North end where the bike trail is open again. Die hard climbers can surely use the Myrtle St. option to get out of Stillwater (Myrtle St. option is not in gps file).
  • Third Detour: The original 610 bridge Mississippi crossing is unpassable due to flooded bike paths. We therefore chose an completly different East-West Connection further South and cross the Mississippi on the 694 bridge. Those who ride the Northern Pancake often will then recognize West River Road until we hit the original route  on the West side of the 610 bridge. 


***Please note the new starting location***

Dunn Brothers on Lake Street has closed down and therefore we have moved the start location last year to Fireroast Coffee and Wine, a new coffee shop just down the road. They have a nice selection of food and drinks to get us going in the morning and to celebrate upon finishing. There is also the Howe, a bar and restaurant, just up the street, so if folks want someting more substantial that is also an option. There is street parking in the residential streets near by, but as always, we encourage folks to ride to the ride.


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