Riding Far with Friends: A Greeting from your Incoming President

Hello, my far-riding friends!

As you count the days until spring and grab rides where and when you can, I wanted to introduce myself as I start my term as your new president.

Last fall, Rob asked me to serve on the board and help lead us through 2023. I agreed with the condition that I got active support from him and the Board–something he and they readily agreed to.

Many of you might not know me that well, having just joined a few years ago. I consider my randonneuring to be a product of Covid as well as years of commuting.

I plan to see and meet many of you on rides this year and at our inaugural spring conference on April 8th (DON’T MISS IT–more details coming soon!). I also have the advantage of plenty of great insights from last year’s survey Keith Morical put together. 

  • The major draw to randonneuring is camaraderie and “riding far with friends”
  • We heard a lot of excitement about new gravel rides and the shorter Rouler series
  • The team events attracted a lot of interest and participation last year.

All of this strikes at the core of our mission:

To promote the development and enjoyment of long-distance, self-supported endurance cycling with an emphasis on safety and camaraderie.

RUSA lists the values of collaboration, self-sufficiency and camaraderie. I would add to that, the very Minnesotan trait of resiliencywe get out there and keep going, no matter what.

We have therefore set our focus on those values and your input in 2023 to increase the quality of the MN Rando experience:

  • Season kick-off, in-person spring conference & group ride (April 8th),
  • Team rides,
  • Gravel rides,
  • Member story features,
  • New and improved routes,
  • PBP prep and kick-off,
  • Ride enhancements (drinkable and otherwise)

If you have not joined or renewed your membership for 2023, do so now. You will not want to miss what we have in store this year.

1. To renew, log in to mnrando.org and click My Profile. 

2. To join for the first time, click here.

Above all, make your voices heard, help us help you, and, most of all, get out there and “ride far with friends.”

I look forward to hearing from and riding with you,
Chris Carlson

Upcoming Events

Half a Pancake 100k

Feb 11 2023 Speedway-Brooklyn Center 9:00a

Northern Pancake 200k

Mar 04 2023 Speedway-Brooklyn Center 8:00 am

Half a Pancake 100k

Mar 11 2023 Speedway-Brooklyn Center 9:00a


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