Sharing the love of Midwest Randonneuring

The Minnesota Randonneurs were featured in this month’s Between Controls section of the RUSA newsletter! Thanks to RUSA's Dawn Piech for the opportunity to share our love for Midwest Randonneuring with the rest of the country.

Update to the Winter Program

In an exciting update to the winter program, we now havea total of four options to join us for a Pancake each month: an 8 a...

It's time to vote

If you have not yet cast your ballot for the two open positions on the RUSA Board of Directors, now is the time!Place your votesby November 30...

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Upcoming Events

Northern Pancake 200k

Mar 02 2024 Speedway-Brooklyn Center 8:00 am

Half a Pancake 100k

Mar 02 2024 Speedway-Brooklyn Center 8:00a

Half a Pancake 100k

Mar 09 2024 Speedway-Brooklyn Center 9:00a