Winter Riding Program 2020-21

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Given COVID-19 numbers in the Midwest are likely to continue to increase over the coming winter months, and given long-distance winter riding creates challenges that need to be considered, the Board of Directors has decided to not offer a program of scheduled RUSA brevets/populaires from November - March. Rather, it is encouraging members to use Permanents, which encourage riding in smaller groups (1-4 people) and provide scheduling flexibility.  
Registering for the RUSA Permanent Program
To register for permanents on the RUSA site for the first time:
1. Create your RUSA Account – this is new and different from your RUSA Membership registration. RUSA plans to use your RUSA Account for other member programs in the future. 
2. Register for the Permanent program by selecting the Permanent button on the Account page – The fee is $25, which will be good until 12/31/2021. 
3.  To register for a permanent, go to the My Account button in the top right corner. From there you can register for a permanent, sign the waiver and go do your ride. 
4.  Once you have completed the ride, log back into your RUSA account (top right corner) and post your results on the Account page.
Minnesota Randonneurs currently has 6 approved permanent routes in the RUSA database, including our flagship winter routes, the Northern Pancake 202k and the Half a Pancake 100k route. We are also planning to add more to RUSA's Permanent library this winter. If you are interested in creating a permanent we would love to help you do that. Contact
Minnesota Randonneurs will facilitate the communication between potential winter permanent riders by keeping an email list of interested riders. If you would like to be notified when a ride is being put together send an email to and we’ll start an email thread.
Alternatively, anyone who is planning on riding a permanent on a certain date or when the forecast is sufficiently accommodating, feel free to post a message on Minnesota Randonneurs Facebook page. And of course, once you've completed a winter ride, permanent or not, feel free to brag about it on our Facebook page as well. We love to see your pictures and read your ride reports.

Upcoming Events

Escape to Wisconsin 119k

Apr 24 2021 Stillwater HS 9:00a

City Slickers 200k

May 01 2021 Dunn Bros 8:00a

Apple Valley Classic 200k

May 15 2021 Caribou Coffee 7:00a


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