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Minnesota Randonneurs rides you are registered for are highlighted in green.
To see Non-Minnesota Randonneur events, select ‘Other Cool Rides’ from the dropdown at the top of this page.
Non-Minnesota Randonneurs events are highlighted in blue. You cannot register for these events on this website.

You can register for rides in two ways:

  • From this page, select all the rides you want to register for and click the ‘save registrations’ button. This will take you to the PayPal interface function to pay for all the ride(s) you have selected in one transaction. (Note: if you are registering for more than 1 or 2 rides, consider becoming a member ($25/year) to eliminate having to pay per ride fees for the year.)
  • Select individual rides from the list to see the Ride Detail Description page with more information about each ride, then register for the event on that page. When you Register for a ride, you will go to the PayPal interface function to pay for this ride.
To unregister, uncheck rides you have registered for before clicking save registrations. You can do this from the ride details page as well.

Some events have Additional Costs, for example drop bag fees, hotel accommodations or special support costs, which you will need to pay in addition to the per ride fee. These costs are described in the Ride Detail Description page for that event.
Note that once you register for such events, you cannot unregister. You will need to contact the RBA.