2020 RUSA Insurance Status

This announcement describes the new insurance structure RUSA has put in place for 2020.  Please take the time to read through this to understand how this new world will affect you.


RUSA Insurance Structure for 2020


RUSA has had to make some significant changes to their insurance coverage for all randonneur groups in the US.  Starting January 1, 2020, the following rules are now mandated:


1.    All riders for all randonneur rides must be current RUSA members.  If you are not currently a RUSA member you need to join, or if your membership expired at the end of 2019, you can renew at www.RUSA.org.  Yearly dues are $30.  This must be in place before your first ride of the season.


2.     RUSA will also collect a $5 fee per rider/ride from the randonneur group sponsoring the ride.  


3.      At this time, Permanents are on hold due to insurance negotiations between RUSA and their providers.


Minnesota Randonneurs Board of Directors Response for 2020 RUSA Insurance.


After considerable discussion and review of several options, your Board has decided on the following course of action for 2020 to manage the new RUSA insurance structure.  


1.     Riders that are current Minnesota Randonneurs members will not be charged the $5/ride fee for their rides in 2020.  Riders can join/renew their membership in Minnesota Randonneurs on our website at www.MnRando.org.  Dues are $25/year.


2.     If a rider chooses not to become a Minnesota Randonneurs member, their cost/ride will be $11.  Approximately ½ of this goes to RUSA to cover the insurance fee, the other ½ to Minnesota Randonneurs. This is paid when the rider registers for a ride, via a PayPal transaction.  There are some options for refunds if a rider cancels before a ride or the ride is officially cancelled by the RBA.  This will be described in more detail before the regular season begins.  Riders are strongly encouraged to pre-register for rides and pay the $11 ride fee.  We will accept day of ride payments, but this does create additional work for the ride leader and should be avoided, if possible.


3.     Riders that would like to do a Permanent ride should contact the RBA (MnRando@aol.com) and Rob will work with you to get a RUSA Brevet approved for the date you want so the ride will then have RUSA insurance coverage.   It can take more than a week to get a RUSA brevet approved, so plan ahead.  The approved ride will be placed on the Minnesota Randonneurs schedule and the RUSA calendar so more riders could show up for the event.  The same rules as described above will apply for member/non-member riders. 


Benefits of Minnesota Randonneurs Membership-where your dues go


1The Board of Directors is working hard to put on a great 2020 season to help grow our sport and to make the best use of the funds from membership dues, which is our only source of income.  Here are some of the benefits of being a Minnesota Randonneurs member for 2020.

NNo $5/ride fees assessed to current 2020 members


2.     Support of Minnesota Randonneurs programs and history (30 years) 


3.     Cover our infrastructure costs including website fees, licenses, etc.


4.     Meeting accounting and legal requirements as a 501c3 Non-profit corporation


5.     Support for other long distance and local bicycling programs and advocacy organizations


6.     Special support for some rides to enhance our rider experience


7.     Development of new routes


8.     Sponsorship of special randonneur events, including International Women’s Day, Ride Leader Training and Fleche events


9.     Support for the R-12, P-12 Minnesota Natural recognition for riders that complete all 12 of their qualifying rides in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa or South Dakota.