Updated CV-19 Ride Safety Guidelines


Minnesota Randonneurs

Rules for Covid-19 Era Events

Updated Dec 6, 2020.

While riding is one of the safer outdoor activities during this pandemic, COVID requires a number of changes in how RUSA and Minnesota Randonneurs do our events to ensure the safety of our riders, organizers and the communities we are riding in.  

Please read and understand the following criteria. If you are not willing to comply with these rules, you will not be permitted to ride the event.

At the current time there are no significant restrictions on bicycling in Minnesota, and most services we use on our routes are open.

Expectations for Participants

1.     Stay home if you are not feeling well, have tested positive or have been in contact with a COVID-positive individual in the last two weeks.

2.     Carry a mask and hand sanitizer with you on the ride. Rubber gloves are also a good idea.

3.     Wear your mask whenever you are not riding, and in all public locations, e.g., c-store, public restroom.

4.     Plan to ride on your own or with 1-3 others, preferably members of your household.

5.     Pre-register for brevets online – no exceptions. This enables us to communicate with you before the ride and minimizes additional contact at registration.

6.     Carry extra food and water to minimize your contacts at c-stores.

Before the Ride

1.     Expect an email from the ride leader a day or two before the ride with pre-ride notes and the following forms:

a.     Waiver

b.     Brevet Card

2.     Respond directly if there are any questions. There will not be a formal pre-ride briefing.

3.     Download the latest GPS (RWGPS) file to your navigation device (e.g., GPS or phone).

4.     If you are not using a navigational device, and as backup even if you are, print the following ahead of the ride:

a.     Print your cue sheet from the RWGPS file.

b.     Print your brevet card from the email sent by the Ride Leader before the ride

Ride Documentation

1.     Riders will need to file a waiver for each ride.

a.     Sign, scan and return the signed waiver attached to the pre-ride email from the Ride Leader back to the Ride Leader

b.     Bring the signed waiver to the ride and leave it with the Ride Leader

c.     Sign the waiver at ride start and leave it with the Ride Leader

2.     Brevet cards are available in the Rider Leader email or at the ride start. These only need to be used if you are not using a GPS that can upload to Strava. You should fill these out yourself as you pass through each control. It is not necessary to get a receipt or signature from the control.

3.     Controls are identified on the route for food & water but no receipts or signatures are needed.

4.     Proof of Passage – to verify you have completed the route

a.     EPP (Electronic Proof of Passage) – GPS link

                                        i.     Important: START your GPS ride when you start your ride at the ride start.  STOP it when you complete the ride.  DO NOT start the GPS when you leave home to ride to the ride and DO BE SURE to stop your GPS as soon as you finish the ride.  This makes the Rider Leader’s job much easier.

                                       ii.     Upload your completed ride to Strava within one day of the ride.

                                      iii.     Be a member of the Strava Minnesota Randonneurs Club.

                                     iv.     Name your ride in Strava based on the event name so the ride organizer can easily find your result.

                                       v.     If you rode the entire route with another person(s) that did not have a GPS track, send an email to the Ride Leader with the additional name(s).

b.     Brevet card. If you do not use RWGPS or can’t upload your route to Strava:

                                        i.     Print a brevet card from the Ride Leader email and initial and record the time at each control as you pass through the location.

                                       ii.     Return the completed brevet card to the Ride Leader if he/she is at the ride finish or scan and email the completed brevet card to the Ride Leader within one day of completing the ride.

Start of Ride

1.     At the check-in station

a.     Sign the waiver and place it in the folder.

b.     Hand sanitizer is available at check-in table.

c.     Cue sheets are not available – print ahead of time.

d.     If you are not using RWGPS + Strava upload, ensure you have your brevet card and note your starting time.

2.     Riders can start as soon as they are ready after arriving at the ride start, within a half hour before the official ride starting time.

3.     When you are ready, let the ride leader know and depart. If there are more than 4 riders ready at the same time, stagger your start, leaving 3-5 minutes after any preceding group


During the Ride

1.     Practice social distancing. This means at least 4’ between you and another rider next to you or 16’-50’ between you and a rider directly in front of you (give more room the slower you are going). Groups should be at least 100’ apart on the road.

2.     If in a group of 4 and if road conditions are conducive, ride 2 by 2. The second pair should ride back rather than draft.

3.     If you pass other riders, give them extra room and notify them of your passing.

4.     If you are only very gradually catching up with another person/group, consider backing off your pace to maintain an appropriate distance.

5.     Wear a mask when drafting/passing. No drafting with those not in your group.

6.     No expectorating while in front of, or near, other people.

7.     If you meet other rando riders on the route

a.     If you are interested in riding with them ask immediately if this is ok. Respect their response if they are not comfortable. Groups should not be larger than 4 members.

b.     If asked, or if a rider joins your group without saying anything, be polite but clear if you are not comfortable with them riding with you.

c.     The best approach is to work out ride partner relationships before the ride.

At Controls

1.     Wear your mask while you are in the control and in the parking lot

2.     Remove your riding gloves before entering a public place

3.     Clean/sanitize your hands before and after entering a public place

4.     Practice appropriate social distancing around and in the control

5.     Do not congregate around the entrances to the control

6.     Avoid large numbers of riders circulating in a c-store

7.     Credit cards are preferred vs cash

8.     If there is seating at the control (preferably outside), practice safe social distancing 6’ between each other.

9.     Be considerate and polite to others particularly in smaller towns. We are in their home; we are the visitors.

At the Finish

1.     EPP

a.     Save your ride immediately on finishing so it will upload to Strava.

b.     Don’t forget to be a member of the Minnesota Randonneurs Strava Club.

c.     Name your ride using the event name so the ride leader can easily find your result.

2.     Brevet cards

a.     Ensure you have timestamped when you reached each control, including the start and finish.

b.     Scan and send the completed brevet card to the ride leader within one day of the ride.

3.     If it is not socially safe, do not remain at the finish control. Meeting at a socially appropriate bar/restaurant (outdoors is much preferred) or an open park with masks and distancing may be ok, but this is not part of the ride event.