Calling all gravel fans!

Exciting news, gravel fans! This year, RUSA is launching a new gravel program that takes advantage of the quieter roads and beautiful scenery that have made gravel routes and racing so popular. 

Details are still being sorted, but here's what we know:

  • All 5 MnRando routes featuring gravel have been updated with RUSA to show the number of gravel kms. The MnRando Schedule has also been updated to show the gravel % and # of miles in the Description section of the Ride Details.
  • Riders will have extra time to complete gravel routes based on the percentage of the route that is gravel. For example, if you ride the 100k Shakopee Gravel ride (60% gravel) you get an extra 48 minutes (7:28) to finish. The Zumbro Challenge 200k (70% gravel) offers nearly two hours (1:56) more time. 
  • The extra time limits do not apply to ACP brevets (i.e., used to qualify for PBP, Super Randonneur, etc.)
  • There will be more gravel routes coming soon.

Stay tuned for more!