New Website Announcement

Welcome to the Minnesota Randonneurs 2020 Season! 


There are a lot of great rides and events coming up this year that we hope you will enjoy.  Along with these, our membership/registration policies have changed, due to new RUSA insurance requirements.  


New Membership/Registration Process for 2020


New RUSA rules require that all riders on our events be RUSA members.  There is also a ride/rider fee assessed by RUSA to cover the insurance costs. 


The Minnesota Randonneurs Board of Directors has decided to cover the per ride cost for all current (2020) members so If you were a Minnesota Randonneurs member last year and you renew, you will not see any change in cost.


Non-Minnesota Randonneurs members will be charged a fee of $11/ride when you register so if you plan to ride with us more than once or twice, the membership option is an easy choice, plus.


We strongly encourage you to register online before a ride to avoid extra paperwork and more work for the Ride Leader at the ride start.


The website has been updated to reflect this new process and is now up and running so head to the site, check it out, sign up or renew your membership and register for the rides you want to do this season. 


Your existing login/password is still valid and the home page is similar, although keep an eye on the Announcements section on the lower right part of the page for news items you will want to know about


New Scheduling Features


The Schedule page has been significantly reworked to make it easy to sign up for multiple rides at once (and pay for multiple rides in one PayPal transaction, if you are a non-member).  You can still click on a specific ride to get to the Ride Description page with details on the ride start, cue sheet/GPS files, a description of the route and register for each ride individually.


Additional Costs for some rides


An Additional Costs feature has been added which will help collect fees up front for rides that have additional support costs like drop bags, on route support, meals on route, overnight accommodations. All riders will need to pay these fees.  The only 2020 rides that currently have Additional Costs are the Apple Valley 600k and the Fleche ride.


Other Cool Rides


You will also notice a number of ‘Other Cool Rides’ on the Schedule page (click the dropdown on the top of the page) that you can peruse to give you some more ideas on other long distance gravel and road adventure events in the Minnesota area.  A number of our members are already participating in these events so we are promoting these rides and in some cases are getting discounts from the ride organizers for Minnesota Randonneurs members that sign up. Check it out, there are a lot of great rides out there, including our own road, gravel, team and special events.