Guide to Safe Cycling during COVID

MN Randonneurs’ Guide to Safe Cycling during COVID

With the goal of rider safty during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Minnesota Randonneurs offers these tips for protecting yourself and others while enjoying the outdoors. If meeting others to ride with meet on-time so they don’t have to wait outside long, and always maintain your six foot social distance.  

Before riding:

·        If you are not feeling well, or someone you have been in contact with is ill, stay at home even if you plan on riding alone.

·        Plan a route that you will be able to finish without requiring services. If the weather is unpleasant consider a ride that does not require a prolonged stop.

·        Trails and parkways are often crowded these days; consider routes in less congested areas, and if possible, ride outside of peak traffic times.

·        Training too hard compromises your immune system; manage your pace with this in mind.

·        Pack enough fuel and fluid for the entire ride. This may require an extra pack. Having this accessible while riding will help avoid stops if cold or wet.

·        Consider bringing hand sanitizer for use prior to eating.

·        Consult the weather forecast and bring extra kit if there is a chance of getting cold, wet, or hot. Dress in a way that does not require a restroom to change.

·        Check your bike (tires, chain, etc.) to minimize mechanical issues

While you ride:

·        If riding near others, wear a buff, gater, or mask around your nose and mouth.

·        Keep as much distance as possible from other riders and pedestrians, even when passing. Avoid drafting. Riding side by side is better when conditions allow.

·        When stopping, give distance between yourself and other riders.

·        If you must cough or sneeze, safely move behind or away from other riders, if possible, and do so into your elbow rather than your hand, facing away from other riders.

·        Follow all traffic laws.

If you must stop for any public service:

·        Remove gloves prior to entering the public facility.

·        Wash with soap and water and dry hands prior to shopping.

·        Use a credit card rather than cash.

·        Wash and dry hands again prior to leaving. Use a paper towel, or elbow, to open doors to get out of public facility; throw away when you get outside. 

·        Use hand sanitizer if not soap and water is available.

After your ride:

·        Disinfect any surface of the bike that you touch, as well as your cycling accessories, after each ride (handlebars, saddle, top tube, Garmin, helmet, phone)

·        Wash all clothing, including gloves, after each ride.

Be sure to follow the state, federal and local recommendations regarding stay-at-home restrictions.