Winter Populaire

This is a past ride.
Nov 23, 2019

4208 S 28th Ave. Minneapolis, MN 55406

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Keith Larson

Join us on the Mini Tour of Twin Cities route...a fun ride following the natural geology of the Twin Cities and making use of many of the amazing bike trails we have to offer. Sites will include Minehaha Creek, Lake Harriet, Lake Bde Maka Ska, Theodore Wirth Park, Victory Memorial Drive, Nicolette Island, The Stone Arch Bridge, The Mississippi River, Downtown Saint Paul, Lilly Dale, Big Rivers Trail and overlook, the Old Cedar Bridge and Fort Snelling. We'll begin the ride at Angry Catfish Bicycle and Coffee Shop where you can fule up with a delicious cafinated beverage. And if you desire a baked good or two, there is The Bakers Wife on the corner which has amazing pastries. We will end at Busters where burgers and beer can be had. 

You do not need to be a Minnesota Randonneur or RUSA member to ride this event. There is no cost for this ride.


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Current Rider List
Rob Welsh
Greg Evans
Bob Stoltz
Keith Larson
Chris Carlson
Daniel Stahlmann
Brian Sostek
Tate Carlson
John Murphy
Ben Swanson
Jonas Nygard
andy tetmeyer
Craig Aamodt
Mike Holden
Jim Wallace
Rob Mosimann
Kyle Sobota
Phil Higley
Mike Campbell