Mini Tour of the Twin Cities

This is a past ride.
Oct 31, 2020

4200 S 28th Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55406

Ride Distance:
Keith Larson

Join us for a pleasant spin of Minneapolis and St. Paul. We'll head out from the Baker's Wife bakery at 8am and cut our way through the lakes, trails and back roads of MSP. This is a fun way to see the sites of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Bring a bike lock if you plan to stop along the way.




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Current Rider List
Keith Larson
Douglas Whitfield
Kevin Fitzpatrick
Rob Welsh
Ian Buck
Sebastian Frye
Scott Kies
Ted Haland
John Liden
Justin Tan
Eric Wetteland
Rob Mosimann
Robert Altman
Kate Ankofski
Paul Dzimian
William Hague
Erik Loualiche
Ann Akers
Hank Marotske
Andrew Gifford
John Murphy
Keith Morical
Chris Sibley
Mike Campbell
Chris Carlson
Jonas Nygard
Phil Higley
Kyle Sobota
Risa Hustad