AV 200k Classic

This is a past ride.
Apr 22, 2023

Caribou Coffee, 14638 Cedar Ave, Apple Valley, MN

Ride Distance:
Rob Welsh

A fun ride, based on an updated version of our long time classic 200k, with several interesting route highlights including

   - a photo op stop on the Lake Byllesby dam

   - a beautiful hidden bike trail on the way into Zumbrota

   - a pleasant lunch stop opportunity at JB's Tavern in Wanamingo, with outdoor seating

   - impressive prairie churches

   - the bucolic Sogn Valley with many long time family farms followed by the memorable Sogn Hill (aka Pudding Boy Hill)


There is a 2.3 mile section of class b gravel, which should not be an issue for most riders.  If you are concerned, contact the ride leader for an alternate route (which adds about 4 miles)

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Current Rider List
Rob Welsh
Norman Ehrentreich
Matt Schwarz
Keith Larson
John Murphy
Michael Mullery
Scott Kies
Phil Moen
Emir Ibrahimpasic
Jacob Garibay
Steve Steve Redelsperger
Jonas Nygard
Elliot Dorow Hovland
Tom Garry
Keith Morical
David Zion
Craig Aamodt