Half Nelson Challenge

This is a past ride.
May 20, 2023

WI-25, Nelson, Wisconsin

Ride Distance:
Norman Ehrentreich

Our classic driftless route with 1/2 the climbing, at 4,300', 6 hills including one real kicker, and a timeless Wisconsin bar and grill at the finish to replenish yourself.

Please note that the 200k and 150k routes split shortly before Fountain City. Do not go with the 200k riders. In order to makie this an official 150k ride for RUSA's Rouleur Award, we added a few miles. You'll still be able to catch up with the 200k riders at the Fountain City control before you take the scenic, and much flatter WI-35 back to the start.  

Nelson is just across the river from Wabasha, about a 2 hour drive from the Cities so if you want to do a layover either before or after the ride, there are hotels in Wabasha, or Alma.

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Current Rider List
Rob Welsh
Steve Grabowski
Sam Carroll
Norman Ehrentreich