Nelson Challenge

This is a past ride.
May 20, 2023

WI-25, Nelson, WI 54756

Ride Distance:
Norman Ehrentreich

Our classic driftless 200k brevet with 8,300' of climbing, 12 hills including a couple of real kickers, and a timeless Wisconsin bar and grill at the finish to replenish yourself.  This is a great Coulee Challenge training run. 

Nelson is just across the river from Wabasha, about a 2 hour drive from the Cities so if you want to do a layover either before or after the ride, there are hotels in Wabasha. 

The route is out and back.  The official RWGPS link has the full 200k route, but if your Garmin/Wahoo doesn't handle overlapping routes very well, here are the links for the outbound and inbound routes.

Outbound, Nelson to Fountain City:

Inbound, Fountain City to Nelson:




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Norman Ehrentreich
Jonas Nygard
Keith Morical
Phil Higley
David Marsh