Golden Pancake with Toppings 300k (Converted to Golden Pancake 200k + Half a Pancake 100k) - Night Ride

This is a past ride.
Jul 08, 2023

6545 W River Rd, Brooklyn Center, MN

Ride Distance:
Norman Ehrentreich

Due to administrative issues, we we have to change our initial plan for this PBP preparation ride (evening start with a 300k option). The route for the Pancake with Toppings 300k is still in the RUSA/ACP approval process and we may not be able to get the approval in time. There is a chance that we could ride it as a Permanent, but we decided for a different approach:
Instead, we will ride first the Golden Pancake 200k (The Northern Pancake (2023 edition))) and then follow it up with a Half a Pancake 100k (Half a Pancake 101k). This combination will give us more flexibility and more open night time control stops than the single 300k option as we will come back to the start location around 6am and then can head out for the second loop in daylight.

Starting Location Instructions:

Park on the North end of the TopGolf parking lot, next to the Speedway Gas Station (6545 W River Rd # 1, SW corner of HW252 & 66th Ave N.), the official start and ending location of the Northern Pancake 202k. To get to the parking lot, turn into Camden Ave N. from 66th Ave N.

Winter & Night Riding Requirements

All riders must have good to excellent night riding equipment, including:

- strong headlight capable of clearly lighting the road clearly for the whole night

- a backup headlight that is strong enough to ride through the night if your primary fails

- two or more strong taillights capable of being seen from several hundred feet away.

- taillights must be set in steady mode, not flashing

- reflective vest that clearly illuminates your body when light shines on it

- reflective anklets

- strongly recommended a helmet light or other light source to see cue sheets, street signs,



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Current Rider List
Rob Welsh
Norman Ehrentreich
Timothy Donahoe
Chris Carlson
Keith Morical
Jason Hartfield
John Murphy