Dart 120 Team Ride

This is a past ride.
Aug 12, 2023


Ride Distance:
Rob Welsh

The Dart 120 team ride consists of several teams, each with their own route, leaving the start location at the same time, returning 120k and 8 hours later to celebrate with the whole group.

The ride starts at 8a, finishes at 4p with some munchies and refreshments with the other teams.  

There are 3 routes established all starting at the Black Dog Trail parking lot at I35W and Black Dog Road.  
1. Gravel - heading down to Lonsdale and back, about 50% gravel, easy class B roads 
2. Road/trail - heading south and east to Hastings on the Highline, Pine Bluff and Spring Lake trails
3. Road - a more general road route heading down to Farmington and back on a combination of suburban and rural roads.
If we get more than 15 riders (5/team max), we'll create another team and come up with a route for them
If you are interested in leading your own team and have 2-4 MnRando friends to join you let me know and we can work out a route for you.

NOTE: once you register, send an email or text Rob (MnRando@aol.com) or 612-801-4196 with the route you would prefer to be on.  


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Current Rider List
Steve Steve Redelsperger
Jonas Nygard
Duane Franklund
Randy Carey
Rob Welsh
Don McCall
Scott Kies
Jack Noble
Jason Hartfield
Daniel Klausner