Mini Tour of the Twin Cities

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Oct 14, 2023

Shelter A, Picnic Island, Fort Snelling State Park Mendota Heights, MN

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Keith Larson

     Join us for a fun cruise through the Twin Cities making use of its many beautiful bikeways, trails and quiet roads. We'll depart from Fort Snelling State Park (Picnic Island, Shelter A) head up the Mississippi for a bit, follow Minnehaha Creek to the chain of lakes, then up through Theodore Wirth and Victory Memorial parks before crossing over the Mississippi to the East side. The Route then heads south following the Mississippi all the way to downtown Saint Paul. There will be a halfway stop at Doug Carlson's house where we will be serving up some donuts and coffee (I'll have some water and fruit too) and a nice fire to warm up next to. This is the only scheduled stop along the route so plan ahead if you want extra snacks. Once Downtown, you'll cross back over the river and head back up through Lilydale to the the Big Rivers trail, you'll then have a stint on Hwy 13 (the road is busy here, but there is a large shoulder and it is only for a few miles). After that, you will have a nice downhill leading to the Minnesota River, cross over the river on the Cedar Bridge before climbing back out of the valley to Old Shakopee Rd. The roads get a bit busy here as you will be near the Mall and the Airport, but unfortunately there really isn't any other way to get back to Fort Snelling. Feel free to take your lane and remember to ride predictably. Powering through to the end will be worth it though, as I'll have some food cooking on the grille, some beverages in the cooler and a nice bonfire going. I have reserved the pavilion near the parking area, so I hope people will stay at bit, relax and enjoy each others company.


Please note that there is a vehicle fee to enter and park at Fort Snelling State Park.

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