Spring Conference Post Ride

This is a past ride.
Apr 08, 2023

7001 York Ave S, Edina, MN

Ride Distance:
Rob Welsh

Join us after the Spring Conference for a fun 100k urban/suburban cruise down to Dakota County and back with a supported control (i.e. free food & refreshments) stop along the way.  

The GPS route is current, as of April 7th. 

Note: You DO need to be a RUSA member to do the ride (insurance rules), but you do not need to be a Minnesota Randonneurs member for this event. Go to www.RUSA.org to sign up/renew your membership

Note 2: If you are not a Minnesota Randonneurs member, our system needs to collect $1 from you to let you register.  Please go ahead and register and we'll refund the $1 when you show up at the ride.  :-)

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Current Rider List
Rob Welsh
Sebastian Frye
Reid Nimz
Matt Schwarz
William Watson
Elliot Dorow Hovland
Justin Tan
Phil Higley
Timothy Donahoe
Andy Williams
Keith Larson
Jonas Nygard
Rob Mosimann
Jacob Garibay
Kate Ankofski
Justin Schuetz
Steve Steve Redelsperger
Jack Noble
Christina Neel
Ian Buck
Craig Aamodt
John Murphy
Sonny Rasmussen