Half a Pancake - Night Ride

Jun 22, 2024

6545 W River Rd, Brooklyn Center, MN

Ride Distance:
Norman Ehrentreich

Join us for our first time running of the "Half a Pancake 101k" as a night ride. The ride starts together with the 200k Golden Pancake night ride and the first 20 miles are the same before splitting off. You'll be first heading north to East Bethel, the only stop at the turnaround at mile 30. The route is flat and features quiet roads through fields, forests, and some lakes. However, as a night ride, we'll have to make adjustments for the refuel option  as our regular stop at Cooper's Corner will close at 10pm. The gps file will be updated to route you to the Dogout Bar & Grill (www.thedugoutbarandgrill.com) which will be open until 1am on Saturdays. 

Starting Location Instructions:

Park on the North end of the TopGolf parking lot, next to the Speedway Gas Station (6545 W River Rd # 1, SW corner of HW252 & 66th Ave N.), the official start and ending location of the Pancake rides. To get to the parking lot, turn into Camden Ave N. from 66th Ave N.


Night Riding Requirements

All riders must have good to excellent night riding equipment.

Must have are (We will ride in the dark)

  - strong headlight capable of clearly lighting the road clearly for the whole night

  - a strong taillight capable of being seen from several hundred feet away, set in steady mode

  - a reflective vest that clearly illuminates your body when light shines on it

Recommended are

  -  backup front and tail lights if your primary lights fail or run out of battery 

  - reflective anklet strips

  - a helmet light or other light source to see cue sheets, street signs, or help with night repairs.


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Current Rider List
Chris Baker