Dart 120 Team Ride - Shoreview

Jul 27, 2024

904 Meadow Ave, Shoreview

Ride Distance:
Norman Ehrentreich

The Dart 120 team ride consists of several teams, each with their own route, leaving the start location at the same time, returning 120k and 8 hours later to celebrate with the whole group. The ride starts at 8am and finishes at 4pm at 904 Meadow Ave, Shoreview. There will be a BBQ and - weather allowing and interested - a pool party at my house in Shoreview. Come prepared.

Time is usually plenty for a team dart event as it emphasizes the social aspect of randonneuring. 

There are currently no established 120k routes established for the Shoreview location. That means that prospective team captains may have to come up with teither their own routes - as it should be for a team dart event. Please check out the RUSA website for the Dart rules (Dart Populaire Rules | Randonneurs USA (rusa.org). However, I'll also be working on offering several route options - one or two road options and one or two options with gravel thrown in. 


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Current Rider List
Randy Carey
Norman Ehrentreich
Jonas Nygard
Rob Welsh
Ian Buck