Apple Valley Classic

This is a past ride.
Jun 08, 2019

15000 Glazier Ave, Apple Valley, MN

Ride Distance:
Rob Welsh

One of our best routes, the Apple Valley 400k is challenging, covers many great roads and really shows you the Minnesota Driftless area at it's best.  

The first and last 30 miles to/from Cannon Falls give you the chance to warm up and to relax on the way in.  In between you will find several good climbs, great descents and lots of quiet good roads to ride.  Additional towns we go through include Goodhue, Lake City, Plainview, Rollingstone and Stockton.

If you have an older GPS unit, you may need to download the route in two sections.  Here are the outbound and inbound legs  

Outbound: Apple Valley to Stockton

Inbound: Stockton to Apple Valley



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Rob Welsh
Keith Larson
Reid Nimz
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Randy Runtsch
Dan Diehn
Norman Ehrentreich
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