Further North to Osceola 200k

This is a past ride.
Jun 01, 2019

400-6th Ave, Osceola, WI

Ride Distance:
Chuck Ryan

Come ride some quiet scenic roads of Wisconsin. There are 2 different mileages for today’s ride…200k (126.4 miles) Brevet and 123k (76.5 miles) Populaire. The longest ride takes us to Siren, Wisconsin where we’ll have the option to take a break along the shores of Crooked Lake.  If you decide to take in the scenic break it would add about 1/2 mile to the overall distance. The shorter route goes to Luck. 

Both routes are mostly rolling terrain with one short hill after leaving St. Croix Falls, but before that little hill there are a couple of nice long descents coming into the St. Croix River Valley. The terrain is relatively tame when compared to other parts of Wisconsin. On the longer route we will  also ride a couple short sections of the Gandy Dancer Trail which is crushed limestone and is easily rideable. Riding these two sections have us avoid riding on two of the busier roads with narrow shoulders.

This is an outreach ride with the Minnesota Randonneurs so there are controls on each route. The long route has a total of 9 controls of which two are open controls and three informational controls. In the town of Siren the two open controls are Subway or the Chattering Squirrel, where you can have your brevet card signed at either place. The first info control is at mile 13.4, the second one at mile 46.7 and the third at mile 107. There will be a question on the brevet card for these three locations where you’ll write the correct answer on the brevet card. 

Everyone needs to get the correct brevet card (200k or 123k) for the route they are doing and it’s very important to return the signed card back to me at the end of the ride so I know everyone has completed the ride. 

The 123k route has a total of  7 controls of which three of them are informational controls. The first one is at mile 13.4, the second one at mile 30.3 and the third at 57.1.

Since I will be riding I won’t be at the end when some of the riders finish so everyone will need to have their card signed at the last control at Subway, 402 N. Cascade St., and then bring their signed cards back to the parking lot. 

 ****We will begin our ride from Oakey Park in Osceola. Put in the address 400-6th Ave, Osceola, WI in google maps and this is the correct parking lot where to park. If you are coming from Minnesota and take Hwy 243 / Osceola Rd across the St. Croix River to S. Cascade St. Turn left on Cascade St and follow it around the bend to 6th Ave. Turn right on 6th Av for two blocks and you’re at the parking lot. The ballpark is another area of the park that is accessed off 7th Av.****

There are restrooms available at the park.

Both rides follow the same route for the first 31.5 miles. The shorter route continues northward to Luck after the two routes split. The control in Luck is at the TA Minit Mart at mile 42.9, then its back west toward the St. Croix River and the River Road. There is an optional break in St. Croix Falls at the Holiday Stationstore at mile 68.

The longer route takes the scenic Bunyan Ave after the two routes split. Then the route meanders up to Siren. Before Siren, in the little town of Lewis, there is the Sundown Saloon and Campground (mile 60.8) where there is a possibility of getting some water. 

There are two open controls where you can get your cards signed in Siren… you choose where to go either at the Subway or the Chattering Squirrel Coffee Shop both at mile 68.3 . The Chattering Squirrel also have sandwiches/food including a veggie sandwich. I usually get a sandwich at Subway and a coffee at the Chattering Squirrel before biking a quarter mile to Crooked Lake Park along Crooked Lake to eat. There are picnic tables in the park to sit, relax and enjoy your meal. Again, riding to the park will add a little more mileage to the overall route.

After the break the route heads south to Frederic. The Coon Lake Park on the left at 83.7 there is water and restrooms, if needed. The other optional break is at the Holiday Stationstore at mile 84. 

A little further down the road in Luck is Control #6 at the TA Minit Mart (mile 92.8). 

The last place for a optional break is in St. Croix Falls at the Holiday at mile 117.9.

Both routes wrap up the ride riding the very scenic River Rd. both north and south of St. Croix Falls.

123k: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/23223657 

200k: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/24692394


***You must be a Minnesota Randonneur member with 2019 dues paid in order to ride the 200k Brevet.****


You DO NOT need to be a member of the Minnesota Randonneurs to ride the 123k Populaire and you don’t need to be a TCBC member. It’s free…

TCBC members receive mileage credit for either ride! 

Go to https://www.mnrando.org/ to register &/or become a member.  This helps plan for paperwork and other logistical stuff and, if there are any last minute changes for a ride (e.g. last minute route changes), we will send out an email letting all the registered riders know.

Please contact me if you have any questions about the ride.


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