Rochester -WI

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Sep 14, 2019

1230 S Broadway Rochester, MN 55904

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Tom Ehlman
(860) 235-5864

This 600k brevet heads out of Rochester on the city bike trails and heads up to Plainview on the Great River Ridge State Trail.  Crossing the Mississippi River in Wabasha, the ride continues to Pepin, Durand, Alma, Arcadia, returning to Minnesota in Winona after completing 5800 feet of Wisconsin hills.  A short but steep climb out of Winona starts the return legs to Rochester for the overnight control and hotel. The second loop heads to Cresco, IA part of the way on the Harmony-Preston Valley Trail (Root River Trail).  From Cresco the ride passes by Hyden Prairie (the largest remaining parcel of tallgrass praires in eastern Iowa) on the way to LeRoy were it picks up the Shooting Star State Trail through Lake Louise State Park on the way to Adams. Heading north from Adams the ride returns to Rochester, stopping at Dexter, on county roads through MN cornfields.


Ride with GPS Links:

Day 1: D1 RST 600K

Day 2: D2 RST 600K  

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