Ride Reports

Apple Valley Classic 400k - Centenary ACP 400k Edition

Apple Valley 200/300/400k

The forecast for the Apple Valley 200/300/400k event on June 10 looked very wet, but the weather gods gave us a break and most riders made it through in what turned out to be a very nice day to be out riding a bike.  
Congratulations to Tom Garry and Jonas Nygard for completing the 400k event to complete their Paris Brest Paris qualifiers. They are now set to start in Rambouillet in August, along with 14 other Minnesota Randonneur members.
Deep respect also to David Marsh for completing his first 400k event in 5 years in 21+ hours.  
More respect to Scott Kies and Steve Grabowski for completing the 300k event in 15+ hours.  
In the 200k event, the good times gang of Dave Carpenter, Phil Higley, Rob Welsh and David Zion had a very fun ride, riding and finishing together. Dave Carpenter, on only his second randonneur brevet event, drove out from Ohio to ride with us, had a great ride and made himself very welcome to come back anytime. Dave Zion, a long time randonneur from MA and WA, recently relocated to the Twin Cities, completing his third ride with Minnesota Randonneurs.   
Finally, happy kudos to Kate Ankofski for completing her first 200k ride since her Transam ride last year. Kate cruised through the controls, not far behind the guys, took a break in Hampton when it got really warm and ambled in with a smile.