Apple Valley Classic

Jun 10, 2023

14638 Cedar Ave, Apple Valley, MN

Ride Distance:
Rob Welsh

One of our best routes, the Apple Valley 400k is challenging, covers many great roads and really shows you the Minnesota Driftless area at it's best.  

This ride follows a good part of the AV 300k route, minus some of the frills.  After 30 miles of relatively easy riding out to Cannon Falls, your work will begin and continue for 190 miles with rollers, good climbs and descents, some beautiful valleys and river views. Once you get to Plainview (mile 90) the real 400k route will test you for the next 60 miles starting with a fun descent then 4 good climbs, along with 3 beautiful descents before returning to Plainview and resuming significant parts of the 300k route, with a couple of new roads thrown in. You will have earned an easy ride back in from Cannon Falls for the last 30 miles.     


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Current Rider List
Keith Morical
Mark Olsen
Chris Carlson